in one bite

Thirty grams of happiness and pleasure ... Not too sweet, not too buttery, the Popelini cream puff is a new flagship in the connoisseur repertoire of delicate pleasures.

Pastry, a passion from childhood for Lauren Koumetz

Resurrecting a forgotten treasure of exquisite French pastry and reinventing four lines of a master gourmandize, this is the promise Lauren Koumetz made to herself when she created Popelini, the first ever jewel case for “chou à la crème” (cream puffs) in Paris. Childhood dreams die hard…

« Lauren Koumetz and her gourmandize intuition »

One of Lauren Koumetz favorite childhood memories is savoring pastries with her grandmother (the Queen of Strudel and cheesecake) on Wednesday afternoons. Just the thought of this evokes makes her eyes sparkle and her heart beat faster.

Pastry, a simple but mysterious art that brings up creamy and crunchy feelings was Lauren’s first love and became her passion in life. She discovered the art of making pastry in the laboratories of the Lette company, a company founded by her father in California and specialized in the making of macaroons. It was in the early 2000s, and the world was getting crazy about these little moist cakes with marzipan base.

Lauren learned the secrets of macaroon making while on holiday on the West coast of the United States. She then took a break to get a MBA at EDHEC Business School and became passionate about Haute Joaillerie while working in the marketing department of Van Cleef & Arpels. Her introduction to the world of luxury jewelry did not make her forget about her passion for pastry, and her desire to start her own business. Why not start a line of gourmet pastry treated like jewelry and able to fulfill all the desires of our palate, she thought? Revelation! The gourmet pastry will be small cream puffs, with their obsolete and unfashionable charm.

Everything then comes together, although against all odds because nobody believes in this small pastry ball usually covered with nougatine that sticks to the palate and only erected in cakes for weddings and other special occasions.

and the birth of Chou workship

Popelini, the official cook of 16th century French Queen Catherine de Medicis and the inventor of Chou pastry, became an obvious choice for the name of this new line of pastry jewels. A round and inviting word that sings and evokes images of Italy…
Lauren has an unconditional passionate of gems and jewels. She found a diamond in the rough in very her own quartier in the Marais (where she was born); a small, dusty, soon to be vacant store. To her, this small space screamed potential. She immediately sets to transform the store into a simple yet elegant home for the Popelini Chou. The finished boutique is the visual representation of the Popelini Chou, luxurious yet simple and elegant.

Orignially the store had a mini laboratory in the back which worked tirelessly day in and day out to perfect the Popelini Chou. Finally after 6 months, 29 Rue Debelleyme in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris opened its doors on Tuesday, April 5, 2011. It was a first Chou Boutique in Paris and was an immediate success! A year later to the day, Popelini opened its second boutique on 44 Rue des Martyrs, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

A beautiful cookbook or table book published by Marabout was released May 2014, which reveals most (but not all!) of the secrets behind the Popelini Chou. The passion for Popelini soon became a legend with two mythical best sellers: Caramel salted butter and the Praline chocolate.

A jewel of a Chou

Under a colorful and crispy cover, the Chou dough is mellow, light airy dough rolled up under a thin craquelin made with brown sugar and butter. Within this dough rests the creaminess of custards; the tenderness of the dough mixed with candied fruits, and bursts of nougatine and chocolate... A true gustative shock!

The Popelini Chou is a bite of luxury for everyone to enjoy without guilt. These elegant and exquisite gourmandises offer themselves in nine permanent aromas*, five additional flavors for each new collection (spring-summer and autumn-winter) and a surprise flavor every month.

All together the Popelini Chou comes with a choice of twenty nine different colors and flavors! Popelini Chou making is very complex and requires a pastry chef. No secret here: the Chou dough is capricious by nature! This is why in each batch, each Chou is a unique jewel. Each Popelinis is made from scratch; the ingredient are handcrafted: chocolate milk, caramel, praline, the coffee cream is made each morning from freshly ground coffee beans, and our lemons are pressed one by one.

They are hand picked and chosen from the high level of quality from only the sources: Thiecerlin rose water, l’Or des Prés crème fraiche, Valrhona chocolate and we only use natural food colorants.
Each Popelini Chou is carefully dressed in Kraft paper, a simple but precious presentation. After opening the sand-colored paper sleeve, the Popelini Chou explodes into multicolor firework! These jewels of a Chou like to be shared in good company and for all holidays, including Valentines day and Easter.

* Dark Chocolate, Coffee, Madagascar Vanilla, Caramel salted butter, Lemon, Praline, Pistachio cherry filling, Chocolate Milk with a passion fruit center, Rose with a raspberry heart.

Lauren Koumetz